For the third year in a row, Optime Productions was honored to work on a video production for the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County. Every year a gala event is produced to award individuals who make the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County possible, and to help raise funds allowing the club's efforts to continue.

This year's theme was "Growing," and to introduce this concept in the presentation, Optime Productions used frames from video, photographic elements, and graphics to composite a visually rich animation sequence. With a touch of piano music and a carefully written voice over, the videos introduction is a heart-warming sequence which compliments the uplifting spirit that is the Boys and Girls Club.

On the left are sample frames from the 2003 Boys and Girls Club of Camden County video entitled "Growing." This should give a sense of the graphic look and feel produced by Optime Productions. To better appreciate the impact of the introduction sequence, be sure to watch the streaming video sample. Links to this file can be found to the right.

On a final note, in May of 2004 Optime Productions was again requested to be involved with the production of this year's fund-raising video. This is another testament to our dedication for meeting a client's vision and forming lasting relationships.



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