In 2003, Optime Productions was priviledged to work on "The Story of Huntington's Disease - Education, Courage and Promise." From the preproduction stages, to the inital showing at the Annual Fundraising Event for HD, Optime Productions had the opportunity to be involved in the telling of a truly inspiring story.

The key to the video's success was in portraying the courageous spirit of the families, physicians and doctors who fight this devistating illness.

Optime Productions' involvment included the initial video treatment and concept, conducting interviews, shooting, editing, graphics, audio, final post and showing the video on two projection screens at the fundraising event.


The Boys and Girls Club of Camden County
Huntington's Disease
Motor Trend Television
Camden County - Dept of Health and Human Services
WillieKid Records TV Spot
Leap Academy  - Imagine the Future